What’s important?

The new linear course seemed a good opportunity to throw everything up in the air and see where it landed. We’ve been teaching the AQA Business Studies course for a very long time (for at least the last two iterations of the specification) but the new AQA course is so very different that it’s going to require a new approach. There are, I think, two key issues:

Linear, not modular

This is going to make on-going revision much more important, so that over the two-year course our students build a really good sense of business concepts and how they inter-link. The concepts have got to be fully anchored in their long-term memory as cramming is not going to be any use for the new AQA course, particularly given the fact that any topic can appear in any of the exam papers.

A more theoretical approach

Compared to the legacy course, the new AQA spec is certainly more theoretical: it’s a far step away from the wafty almost-general-knowledge that we currently teach. We spent a long time discussing this issue as a department, and I do worry that this will be a real challenge for some of our less academic students. However, there was general agreement that we wanted something that would lift the reputation of the subject within the school and that we wanted something new to get our teeth into!

Given both of these issues, I’ve started the planning and intend to document the process here, partly for my own records but also possibly as support for others considering doing the same course in the future. Feedback on anything is welcome and encouraged. Don’t be shy, now!


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