Building knowledge

I read a blog ( the other day that helped to crystallise some of my thinking about building better long-term knowledge. One of my plans is to build a ‘nothing new’ lesson every fortnight into the scheme of work. Half of this lesson is to be spent going back over topics covered earlier in the course. It could be through a case-study, or teacher-led questioning, or maybe some short answers, but whatever the format it should be using concepts developed in previous weeks and months. The other half of the ‘nothing new’ lesson is to be spent on some real-world knowledge, but more of that another day.

I’m also planning to make every end-of-topic test one that covers the entire course, so that students are revising everything every time they prepare for a test: I’m hoping that laying these foundations will make it easier when it comes to preparing for the linear exams. I worry that if we try to do everything in the final months of the course then we will run out of time. For the typical Business student, who tends to be at the weaker end of the academic spectrum, this should hopefully make a big difference.


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