I’ve just received the email with provisional choices for next year – looks like we’re going to have four classes with between 10 and 12 in each. That seems a pretty good number: small enough to give individual attention when needed; large enough to have a buzz during discussion. My biggest worry was that pupils would be put off by the linear nature of the course, particularly next year when there are still legacy courses on offer.

My next job is to work out how many will have a mix of legacy and linear, and how many are doing mainly linear. We have a HODs meeting soon to discuss the assessment structure of the year (yes, I know it’s late, but that’s another tale for another forum!). I suspect we’re going to have some sort of mid-year exams in January, and then an end-of-year exam once AS exams are out the way. I’d be interested to hear how other schools and colleges are structuring their assessment throughout the year. I’m also a tad worried about the shortage of specimen papers if I’ve got to set so many exams before we get to the first round of ‘proper’ exams in 2017!


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