Department development day

We all had the morning off-timetable today for departmental inset, focused predominantly on the new linear course. We’ve done this in previous years, although not for some time; the last time was probably when the syllabus last changed! The first part of the morning was spent discussing the scheme of work with some good suggestions of tweaks to improve it. This led naturally into discussion about how we’re actually going to teach, how to use the text book, and other broad questions. It was very productive, and feels like we’re all singing from the same hymnsheet.

After break, we looked at assessment styles, and divided up the topics for next term so that we can all write multiple choice questions and share them. Department lunch (in the pub, naturally!) was followed by a session doing development planning with the new Head of Economics. Lots of discussion ensued.

As an inset session I thought it was excellent. It worked for us because Y11 and Y13 are on study leave, and the Y12 timetable has been collapsed to allow for a few days of enrichment. All we had to do was chat to the bloke who organises invigilation to keep us off the rota for today. There was no cost to school (we even bought our own lunch!) but massive benefits in terms of quality of discussion and range of outcomes. I suspect that it will become an annual event.


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