Results day

Our exam results get emailed to pupils, so we don’t have the big results day gatherings that I’ve known in other schools. I quite miss that feeling of togetherness, and the chance to congratulate and commiserate with pupils in person. I read of one school that has a results day breakfast before the dreaded envelopes appear; I defintely like the sound of that. However, we have HODs, dragged kicking and screaming from their holidays, who sit in reception waiting for the phone calls and visits from anxious parents and pupils who have been let down by technology.

This year, I was the hapless HOD on duty. I had the disheartening job of breaking the news about one son’s underperformance: not a highlight of the day. Then, not ten minutes later, I got the joyous task of telling someone they’d got an A* in history, significantly better than they’d been predicted or were expecting. He told me that he’d left the history exam in tears, there must be an error, and I was definitely reading the wrong person’s result. In the end, we gave him his results slip to prove that we weren’t making it up. It was truly, in his own words, a result.

Of such things are results days made. Now, on to next year…


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