When I first started teaching, back when the year began with a one not a two, I could only get the internet at home by using my mobile as a dial-up modem. I think the speed was 5kbps. Unsurprisingly, I therefore spent a lot of time in the IT room at school, which was the only reason why I got picked by the Head to teach GCSE IT in my second year. Playing on the internet can in no way be compared to using spreadsheets and databases and, suffice to say, the learning curve was awfully steep. Leaving the school at the end of that year was bittersweet – for all that I was going to miss my colleagues and pupils, there was no way I was going to miss Excel.

Until this week.

I’ve finally got round to the faffy spreadsheet jobs that seem to be part of the HOD job description these days, and boy am I wishing I could remember more of the stuff I had to teach! It’s taken a lot of trial’n’error, not to mention swearing under my breath, but I’ve finally managed to get a spreadsheet for each year group that we can use to track progress. It’s set up so that teachers can enter the results of the assessment point activities (which will be the same test for every class in each year) by class but the results will automatically transfer into an overall spreadsheet, so we can look at the year as a whole. That’s my plan anyway. I suspect that the mis-remembered formulae will let me down at some point, and I’ll have to go crying to the Excel wizards on the staff, but I’m going to pretend that it’s working.

My next job is to work out how to colour-code things. Then there will be no stopping me…


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