After three days away on a DofE expedition, I’ve turned my (slightly tired!) attention back to department administration. Our Department Handbook has grown organically over the last decade, and is currently full of all sorts of things that probably don’t need to be in there in these days of t’internet. I spent a bit of time this afternoon sorting through it and hacking out excessive bloat. Writing it was a useful exercise, though – there are lots of things I need to go back to and give more thought, but it’s roughly in the right shape to fit through the hoops expected by The Powers That Be.

One section of the Department Handbook is about extra-curricular, and it’s quite nice to see how that part has grown from last year. The Economics Society has been expanded and rebranded as the Economics and Business Society, and our first meeting is next Monday evening. I’m going to run some sort of Apprentice-type challenge, although my intention was to plan that whilst sitting in a DofE minibus waiting for teams to walk past. Sadly, I spent much more time driving and less time planning, so that’s another job to add to this week’s To Do list. We’re also planning a ‘morality in markets’ session later this term, plus a couple of visiting speakers and a large-scale business challenge competition in the run-up to our BASE heat next term.

We’ve also got various competitions going on: Target 2.0 has started; the Tycoon In Schools business plan has been submitted; pupils are sorting themselves into teams ready for Student Investor. Of course, some of this happened last year, but there’s a feeling of renewal (not to mention the cross-referencing of sign-up sheets and assorted administration). There aren’t massive numbers taking part this year, but I’m hoping that these guys will be the trail-blazers and there will be more teams next year.


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